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EASR Committee Members 2017-2019


Einar Thomassen, Norway
Email: einar.thomassen(à)


Marion Bowman (United Kingdom)
Email: marion.bowman(à)

Giovanni Casadio (Italy)
Email: giovannicasadio(à) 

General Secretary:

Marco Pasi (Netherlands / Italy)
Email: m.pasi(à)

Deputy General Secretary:

Ábrahám Kovacs (Hungarian Association)

Email: abraham.kovacs(à)



-> For the time being please contact Deputy Treasurer Franz Winter for any financial matters (address see below)

Albertina (Tineke) Nugteren (Netherlands)
Email: a.nugteren(à)

Deputy Treasurer:

Franz Winter (Austria) 
Email: franz.winter(à)

Membership Secretary:

Silvia Alfayé (Spanish Association)

Email: alfaye(à)

Publications Officer:

Teemu Taira (Finnish Association)

Email: teemu.taira(à)

Internet Officer:

Sebastian Schüler (Germany) 
Email: sebastian.schueler(à)

Co-opted Member:

Wanda Alberts (Germany)
Email: wanda.alberts(à)

Representative for the individual members of the EASR:
Ivar Maksutov (Russia) 
Email: ivar.maksutov(à)

The above is the list of committee members directly elected to a particular office. The additional commmittee members delegated by affiliated associations will be announced when the list is complete.

January 26 , 2017